It all started in 2012, when two kids from Oklahoma had a crazy idea to get non-professional, professional athlete Brett Cue to X-games. They gained an immediate following, and what is now 365MX, was born. With Brett in the spotlight, Dayton Daft completes the symbiosis with his digital talents. The two are responsible for building the brand from the ground up, their love for the sport and most importantly love for the people involved keep them going strong. Since then, these guys have really made names for themselves, landing their efforts in almost every aspect of the sport.

The Christmas of 2011, Dayton received a Christmas present that would soon change his life. Even though it was far from the best video camera, it was all he needed to get started. After producing a few videos at some local races, he sent Brett a Facebook message, which also happened to be their first conversation. Later that month, the two went to a track in El Reno, Oklahoma and created their first video together. Even though the conditions were horrible and they only got to film for a couple hours, they had so much fun that round two couldn’t come soon enough.

They both agreed they wanted more than a random collaboration of videos, they craved a mission to accomplish. For years, Brett had a far-fetched dream of riding in “X-Games Best Whip” competition. They put their heads together and decided to share this dream the best way they knew how, through a video series on Vimeo/YouTube.

At the time, Dayton was attending school to finish his senior year at the University of Colorado. Brett lived and worked full-time building swimming pools and doing concrete work in Oklahoma. They were operating with a near-zero time and financial budget, but managed to travel the country filming with guys like Kevin Windham, Twitch, Robbie Maddison and Guy Cooper. 

With endless hours spent together on the road and long days filming, these two became best buds. They were both living their dreams and enjoying every minute. Although they didn’t realize it at the time, they were making quite a name for themselves in the industry. 

Brett was unfortunately not invited to X-Games in 2013, but still went to the Staples Center to watch. On Brett’s drive back to Oklahoma, Dayton called with some exciting news. He got a call from MotoSport.com and they had offered him a job to produce videos and help build their new content team. It wasn't long before Dayton convinced the company to bring Brett on board as a Brand Ambassador. Through the 2+ years at MotoSport, the team worked on memorable projects, including TV commercials, web videos featuring legends of the sport, product videos and much more. During this time, Brett was able to test nearly every type of riding gear imaginable. No matter what gear he wore, he felt there were both positive and negative features in the look, performance or durability. After months of talking, deliberating and planning, Brett and Dayton decided they wanted to try their hand in yet another far-fetched dream, making their own riding gear. They quit their jobs to pursue 365MX full time.

Brett has always taken pride in looking good on the bike and having awesome gear is a major part of that. 365MX encompasses the team‘s constant adoration for the sport and the desire to always look and feel great while riding. Since 2014, 365MX gear has been in the making and tested by riders Brett Cue, Colt Nichols, Alyas Wardius, Kyle Peters and Chase Marquier. 




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